"Click to open OpenWebRX" - why?

edited March 2020 in General Chat
Simple question: What is the deeper sense of this "Click to start OpenWebRX" overlay? My experience with a windows desktop PC (Firefox latest) is that it appears sometimes (apparently randomly) after start or a page reload, but unpredictable. At least I didn't yet understand the conditions which are causing it, and also not why it has been implemented at all. (I find it always annoying.)

Edit/Addendum: Even if I get this overlay, I see the waterfall moving behind it and can hear the RX audio sound normally.


  • it's "normal"
  • Modern browsers don't allow autoplaying audio/video by default, so the GUI presents you with something to click on first.
  • And that prevention of autoplay is an absolute necessity.
  • But it doesn't prevent autoplay (see my addendum) - it only prevents instant use of the gui. And: if it's absolutely necessary, why does it occur only randomly in, say, ~ 15% of all cases?

    73, Manfred
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