"Cannot use extensions while another channel is in DRM mode." - but no other DRM mode in use..

Slightly odd one I've come across today on my BBAI Kiwi.
Logging on, and clicking e.g. "fax" extension, I get the notice "Cannot use extensions while another channel is in DRM mode." But, there's no other channel in DRM mode..

There's an RPi4 listening to 6 channels, used for WSPR listening, appears to be operating nominally, unchanged behaviour since the 2.7 wsprdaemon update. I can see my current login, and there's a channel/waterfall free. For sure there isn't any DRM decoding going on on the Kiwi.

I'm not seeing anything odd in the logs either.
Any ideas?


  • jksjks
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    What version are you running? This code was particularly tricky to write and there have been fixes as recently as v1.380
  • V1.382, current.
    I manually kicked all of the users from the Kiwi, the RPI4 added its listeners back as expected, and I logged in again from the same browser (refreshed the same page that was previously showing that message), and I had no issue running the extensions.

    ADC clock66.666274 (52.3k avgs)
    Up5d:9:48:25, v1.382, 8 SDR ch, 12 GPS ch
    GPSacq yes, track 5, good 0, fixes 52.3k
    WF22 fpsAudio48.0k, Qlen 5
    BB96,2,0 usi%49°C 120°F1.0 GHzFPGA16%
    Netaud 6, wf 12, http 0, total 161 kB/s
  • URL and password sent in DM, please feel free to have a look around if you want to get any logs or similar.
  • I tried it and couldn't see any problem. It behaved as it should.

    Whenever there is a transient issue like this it would help tremendously if you guys not clear the problem and then complain about it. You end up destroying the evidence that could have been crucial in determining the root cause. In this case I would have logged into the Beagle, connected to the Kiwi server with the debugger and dumped some internal tables.
  • ^ understood, apologies!
    Duly noted for any future misbehaviour.

    In this instance I had the first post up before I tried the mass-kick of users. I'll know better for the future.
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    Hi John,
    It has happened again, and this time I'm not doing anything until you're happy for me to do anything.
    Same URL, same password as before. Please feel free to do whatever you need to, to get what you need.
    I'll be playing with my other SDRs anyway until you've got what you want, so it'll be left as-is until then.

  • Okay, I got what I needed, thanks.
    Until there is a fix (won't be anytime soon) just disable DRM to keep this from happening.
  • Understood, thank you.
  • @jks , as near as I can tell this error occurs when a client closes the web browser while in DRM mode. Then the next time DRM is selected this error message appears until the KiwiSDR server is restarted. At least that is the way it works on my BBAI, I haven't tried on the BBG.
  • jksjks
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    Those steps did not reproduce the problem for me. But there is a fix in today's v1.383 release that might work. So I'd be interested to know if it makes any difference for you.
  • @jks , I'm no longer managing to produce the error. It must be sort of a game of "whack a mole" for you.
  • I've updated to 1.383, and I can (at least at the moment) create the error condition on demand.
    6 WSPR listeners are active, coming from wsprdaemon.sh version 2.7a on an RPi4 nearby.
    Open a new normal browser session, click DRM. DRM plugin works fine.
    Open another browser window to the admin page. Manually kick the session with the DRM plugin open.
    Restart the normal browser session.
    Click DRM or tap "d", and see the error message.

    To return to normality, I have found that kicking everyone off (picking 5 seconds before the even minute starts so no WSPR data is lost) returns the Kiwi to a state that DRM plugin opens again.

    (kiwi is back with that previously supplied password, and in the state where any new session won't be able to open DRM plugin - please feel free to rummage around again in that Kiwi.)
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