New User, Kiwi not updating.

Hi, I'm a new user.
I've connected to the internet and when I log in via local the following text is displayed:

"Sorry, software update in progress. Please check back in a few minutes.
Or check for more KiwiSDR receivers available world-wide."

When I log in via admin the update page the following text is displayed:

nstalled version: v1.2, built Aug 10 2016 21:12:11
Update to version v1.382 in progress

It been at this status for over two hours.

Can somebody please advise me.




  • Refresh the web page before doing any more fault finding.
  • I have been doing that. Sometimes it doesn't always find the page. Reload again and the page loads but the status is the same.
  • It can sometimes take a very long time to perform the initial updates. Personally I'd leave it running overnight without any disturbance and see if it manages to complete the task.

    Two other things to check.

    Is the SD card removed - it should NOT be present when the KiWi is running normally, it is only required to reflash the KiWi from scratch or for backup purposes.

    Try another power supply - many of the unexplained issues with KiWi's have turned out to be due to the power supply not being able to deliver either enough current or the required voltage at the Beagle board. I've found that ideally the power supply needs to deliver 5.4v at the KiWi connector (under load) in order to ensure that the Beagle board receives 5V to start up properly.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Hi Martin, thanks for the reply.
    I will leave it running overnight as you suggest.
    I only installed it today and purchased it with the reccomended power supply. Thats not to say its working properly. I will check the
    voltage output if no different tomorrow.

    Is there anyway of checling if the radio is communicating and in fact connected to the internet ? I can see it has an IP address on my hub but is there some log you can access via the admin page ?


  • The initial update for a new Kiwi out-of-the box should complete within one hour.

    Assuming no power supply or network issues try this: If you can bring up the admin page. Go to the "console" tab. Click the connect button. In the "enter shell command" field at the bottom of the page type "make blog" (blog = build log).

    You should see a lot of stuff printed. Scroll to the top and make note of the timestamp. Then look through the messages and cut-and-paste to the forum any errors you might see (especially towards the end of the messages). To determine if the build process is looping wait a bit and repeat the process, looking for an incrementing start time at the beginning of the build messages.
  • In answer to the card. It hasn't been fitted at all. The instructions stated that the software was preloaded if the board and sdr were purchased together.
  • Hi, There is 5.06v voltage to the board. On the admin interface there is no console tab ??
  • Oh that's right -- since out-of-the box you're running v1.2 there are none of the advanced features like the console etc. We're so used to having those things. Can you set an admin password and open port 8073 on your router? (point it to the Kiwi). Then email the admin password to and I'll have a look.
  • Will have a go in the morning. Thanks
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    I'm not sure how to open port. No update happened over night. Is there a support telephone number ?
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    See if your router is listed on (same brand is often enough)

    Normally it is a case of logging into your network router and finding the "Port Forward", "Games", or "NAT" settings.

    It is much better if you can make sure the Kiwi always gets the same address, that will be under "DHCP" where the router gives local machines addresses.
  • jksjks
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    Unfortunately it's 10pm here (New Zealand) and I've been up since 4am. So I'm about to pass out and can't start a debugging conversation right now. I'll email you in the early evening your time. The easiest thing to do at this point, if you can't get the router configured, is for you to start a TeamViewer session on a pc that I can connect to. From there I can ssh into the Kiwi and see what's going on.
  • Perfect, TeamViewer is fine.
  • jksjks
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    Apologies, I slept in until 4:30 this morning. Please send an email to (your email no longer appears above) with your TeamViewer details and we can get started.

    I'm betting this is going to be the same problem Tony had a few weeks ago with the domain not resolving to the correct location (or whatever it was -- reviewing my notes now).
  • Hi John, send you an email via Support.
  • So the Debian package system was scrambled on this Kiwi and the update from v1.2 to v1.382 stuck in a loop as a result. I cannot say for certain how this occurred, but the most likely scenario is that an untimely reboot/power-down happened during the first 5 or 10 minutes of operation (with Internet accessible such that an update was in process). During this time the package system would be running and vulnerable. But it could also have come from the factory in this condition I suppose.

    Anyway, all good now.
  • A big thank you to John and Stu for sorting this problem out for me.

    Best Regards to both of you!

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