antenna system tool

I bought one of the ~$50 NanoVNA and a great little device for testing and aligning coax, filters etc. Here's a shot of my notch filter box using it. NanoVNA-H is the thing to buy, see Google


  • VNA version 2 is also due out relatively soon, with larger frequency range and a few other improvements.

    Anyone looking at NanoVNA purchase, note that there are a number of Chinese clones, some of which do not have the RF shields in place and have slightly poorer performance compared to the original NanoVNA design and spec. I had to return one that was not as described on the Ebay listing, without the stated shielding as well as an incorrect location (stated was in the UK, and shipped from China taking far longer than anticipated :/ )

    They are very useful little tools for sure when you have the right one.
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