Kiwi connections with Putty

could somebody write me how can i log in with putty to my kiwi?
enter the address of my kiwi and the connection does not work after port 8073 or after 22 in putty,
and one more thing is it possible to update kiwi through a remote connection rather than local ??

73, sq8j


  • What user/pw did you use in putty?
  • SSH, port 22 should be open locally on the network using an IP address, normally something like 192.168.x.x.
    Check that address from

    It would be better to get used to SSH from inside the network.
    Opening it to the internet requires some extra security steps.

  • but is it possible to connect to kiwi through putty from outside the local network ???
    at the moment I do not have access to the local network where kiwi works .... upgrade via web browser does not work ... consola also: CONSOLE: only available to local admin connections
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    the router that the kiwi is behind needs to route Port 22 to the kiwi
  • If this Kiwi is reachable from the Internet (doesn't have to be a publicly listed Kiwi) then I can fix it. Just post the Kiwi's URL here or email to
  • ok , thank you

    I understand everything, and please write me what commands I have to use to update the kiwi after logging in to the console

  • I don't want to do a rebulid but an update ....
  • Look at the info and you'll see that it is an update

    cdp (change directory project) This changes to the build directory.
    up (update) This should fetch the latest software from, rebuild it, install it and restart the server.
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