I know John indicated early on he had not explored the wifi. Has anyone else?


  • There's this info, as applies to the BBAI itself... I'll explore a standalone BBAI with this first
  • I think I have a handle on this but need to do more testing. This will elininate Cat5 conducted spurs etc
  • Incremental report....

    Following this precedure gives you a wifi client, to your central router, persistant across power cycles

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    I have successfully made my BBAI based kiwiSDR accessible by both eth0 and the AI's internal wlan0. I'll post more details after more testing.
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    all working/routing seems OK...

    After using connmancrl as above I found I need to be sure that the kiwiSDR always found wlan0. I locked the macs for both interfaces in my router. for wlan0 and for eth0. I used a static address in the kiwi network setup to use (73 is site specifc, yours will vary). It works and now I wait for a smarter person than me to tell me a better way :wink: allows me to get in locally via wire if needed
  • The above semms to work fine, but I'm guessing there may be other ways to do it. I'll be converting both of my BBAI based machines to this soon.
  • I've come across some BBAI wifi instability over the past 36 hours.

    My setup has the BBAI using connman to connect to a 5GHz router and statically assign an IPv4 IP address, and I've also got the BBAI connected via USB-C to an Intel NUC. I've had the BBAI become unavailable via wifi, and getting in over the USB networking shows me that the wlan0 interface no longer has an IP address associated.
    Attempting to "connect " tells me that it's already connected, "disconnect " fails.

    My current workaround is to restart the connman daemon, and that brings back up the interface and has the correct static IP assigned.

    BBAI is up to date according to apt-get, temperatures are stable at 47 degrees or so, cpu @1GHz, normal cpu power profile, nothing mechanical changing (door to room closed to stop kitties interfering).

    Over the weekend I'll run up a little watchdog script that will check for a lack of connectivity and restart the connman service as needed (similar to the pingfail service from here:). Currently I'm restarting the connman via cron and it's working.
  • I have been using the native wifi on the BBAI successfully for quite a while and this really helps a lot cutting down the common mode Ethernet noise.

    Just recently I changed to another ISP and entered the new wifi credentials by the way as shown in the 4th post above. What happens now is that the BBAI is still looking for the original SSID and will connect to the new SSID only as non-local user.

    Wonder if anyone can indicate how and where to erase the older SSID and password.



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    I use connman-ctl I think you have that, read the commann man page for how to remove things

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    Hi Jim,

    Thank you for the hint. I found all needed info in .

    Next I used the BBAI cloud9 IDE interface and deleted the older wifi directories from var/lib/connman. A Beagle reboot seemed necessary for the changes to take hold.

    Best regards,


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