GPS frequency correction response time?

I'm thinking of mounting my Kiwi in an unheated garage where there will be temperature fluctuations both slow and fast (like when the garage door opens). Can the GPS correction keep up in that sort of environment?


  • jksjks
    edited January 2020
    Hi John. Yes, probably. The algorithm chosen for the GPS update of the ADC XO frequency was checked by opening the door to the outside (on a winter's day) that is adjacent to where the Kiwi is developed and watching what happened. At the time the GPS time/position output was a lot noisier than it is now (thanks Christoph!) so that was the tradeoff. And of course the whole thing is not a PLL (and definitely not a GPSDO). It's more of a FLL.
  • Thanks much (and sorry for not seeing your reply for a while). I'm trying to stomp out noise issues and by putting the Kiwi in the garage I can shorten the feedline run from ~20M down to about 3 meters and am hoping that will help reduce common mode pickup. It also moves the Kiwi itself further from noise inside the house. And I'm using ethernet-to-fiber converters so the whole house network will no longer be part of the antenna system (just 35cm of shielded Cat 5 from Kiwi to media converter).
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