CW Decoder New?

I finally got my mast and G5RV up and its fantastic. Picking up stuff on 160M for the first time ever. It works really well with the Kiwi. But I noticed there is a CW decoder. I don't remember it being there before. I know I seemed to have remembered asking if it was possible in the past. I seem to remember someone saying it may be added in the future. If you just recently added it ... thanks! Very cool.


  • It's been there for quite a while :-)

    The performance is quite good and equals that of several free CW decoders that are available.

    As a test I fed my KiWi with some pre-recorded CW which I modulated and mixed in with different levels of background noise, and the decoder itself worked down to very low S/N levels.

    However the type of noise and interference makes quite a lot of difference top the performance, and you may have to adjust the receive bandwidth, decoder threshold level and AGC settings in order to obtain the best results for a given level of band noise and propagation conditions.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Yep takes a little messing around to get it accurate. Fun to watch how fast some of these guys are!
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