Little cosmetic adjustments [fixed]

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First of all, thanks for the recent extensions like the DRM decoder !

I have 2 little remarks about the UI :

- The AGC decay must be ms (millisecond) and not mS (milliSiemens)
- The little arrows of the UI do not work behind a proxy (but all the rest of the Kiwi does). See image attached.

Best regards to everyone.




  • "mS" => "msec" change has been made.
    I don't know why a proxy can't handle the icons. Try a hard browser cache flush (i.e. from the Preferences panel).
  • > Try a hard browser cache flush (i.e. from the Preferences panel).
    Has been made several times without success.

    Are the icons simple images ?

  • jksjks
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    If you add "nocache" to your URL does the problem stop?
    e.g. (note both "/" and "?" are required here)
  • v1.375 has a new control on the admin "webpage" tab. Set "Web server caching?" to "No". Then cache-flush/reload the Kiwi main page several times. This should eliminate the use of all intermediate caching devices along your network path. All content will be loaded directly from the Kiwi on every page load.

    This new option fixed another Kiwi that has problems with faulty web caching somewhere along the network path that the Kiwi owner can't figure out.
  • Option set... I will tell you soon ;-)
  • Hi John,

    I've encountered another similar but rather obscure problem that may be related.

    I recently moved one of my KiWi's to a site that is shared with another websdr.

    I initially setup the KiWi to use the existing site domain name but to use port 8073 as usual

    However we found that the large number of cookies stored by the KiWi (approx 37) meant that when the KiWi had been accessed and the cookies stored, it was no longer possible to open the existing web sdr as the code rejected a connection with that many stored cookies.

    As a fix we changed the KiWi domain name to however when using Chrome browser on my iPad it still doesn't like it and there doesn't seem to be any way to just delete individual site cookies to fix it.

    It has been suggested to me that maybe instead of using cookies the KiWi could perhaps use "HTML5 Local Storage" for settings which are just stored in the browser and not sent to the server every time, although a limited number of cookies would still be required to handle login.

    It struck me that this may be a way forward if you ever wished to implement a user memory or similar, which could then possibly be applied to all visited KiWi sites rather than individual ones.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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