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Issues with Chrome browser?

Today, I noticed that my KiwiSDR stopped loading from the proxy URL:

I am using the Chrome web browser. When I loaded my Kiwi using the url for my local IP using Chrome, it works fine. And, when I past the link above into Microsoft Edge browser, it works fine.

Does anyone know of an new issues with the Chrome browser? I've been using Chrome for years now and they do tend to make changes in the background (such as blocking Flash and java script) without telling anyone.

Any help would be appreciated, as I currently cannot load my Kiwi in Chrome from the proxy URL above.


  • Update: I restarted the Kiwi server, rebooted the Beagle, rebooted my computer and cleared my Chrome browser cache. I tried loading up the proxy URL again and it still would not work. However, after all of that, when I checked it again about five minutes later, it was loading. And is still loading at the time of this update. I have no idea what the glitch was all about. Anyway, it never hurts to try all of the known troubleshooting methods at your disposal.
  • I've noticed this too. If I load the kiwi from my external address, it works. Sometimes the extensions will not come up and if I refresh the page, then it doesn't connect. If at this point I load it via the internal local IP it works. After some time (a few minutes) the external address will work again.

    Note: This seems to only happen when the client is on the local network (hairpin connection through the firewall).
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