waterfall extension and freq>27200kcs

Hello all
It seems if frequency tune is > 27200kcs the max wide waterfall >W12 this one don't work and sometime freeze probably after 3.57 version.
Only via web connection I tested a lot of on line Kiwi.
That don't appear in local use.


  • jksjks
    edited December 2019
    Anyone else? I don't see this. There is absolutely nothing done differently for high zoom levels at higher frequencies. It's all the same.
  • I can't see it but then I'm running Hz here ;-p

    I did wonder if the waterfall changes to virtually black (where background noise is less) so there no visible movement?

    to test I zoomed to 14, adjusted the waterfall for visible noise, scrolled out.
    Movement and waterfall noise all the way (sorry for B/W screen dump was F.Lux orange)
  • I noticed on Jim's BB/AI that it took a longer time for changes in zoom to catch up in the waterfall - as suggested by Stu's image.
  • edited December 2019
    For the record, on that screenshot I had slowed the waterfall to be able to make an image and it was a BBG.
    I have occasionally seen a very slow response after a change of zoom on the waterfall but that has normally been after the browser has been open for a long time and I never managed to repeat it enough to know what caused it.
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