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Geolocation failures for RFC1918 ip addresses - workaround/toggle?

In general the geolocation lookup of IP addresses is a really nice and useful function, especially when the shortcomings in that process are known and understood.

However there is a certain set of use cases that we are likely to regularly hit upon, where private IPs are connecting to the Kiwis - e.g. from the local network - a local user, a Pi running wsprdaemon, a VPN user, or other similar internally-networked entities like those.
Would it be possible to change the behaviour of the Kiwi server geolocation lookup for LAN IPs? Suggestions include the disabling of the lookup for LAN IPs, ignoring the "unknown location" response when it is returned and not logging the "unknown location", or the use of a standard string such as "LAN IP" for LAN IPs?

Again, very much a low priority.

This came from chasing down why my wsprdaemon listeners were showing as "unknown location" all of the time, and I had an outbreak of curiosity as the location was known after all.
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