offset for vhf wspr decode

Is it possible in VHF to modify the receive center frequency of the WSPR frames either in the extension ex 144489.400 or to be able to declare the offset more precisely eg: 115999.600 in the admin / config panel if I find 400hz of offset on my upconverter.
On the other hand it seems that autorun 2m does not work
Thank you


  • errato: it is for a downconverter of course
  • If the LO of your downconverter is off by 400 Hz then you need to fix the LO of your downconverter.
  • jksjks
    edited December 2019
    WSPR autorun will not start unless two things are correct:
    • On the admin extensions WSPR section the "Reporter callsign / grid square" needs to be filled out.
    • On the admin config tab the "Frequency scale offset" (i.e. downconverter setup) needs to be appropriate for the autorun band(s) selected. I.e. don't select a 2m autorun if the Kiwi is configured for 0-30 MHz.
    There is no point in starting autorun tasks unless those two things are correct. So it doesn't! Always check the Kiwi log for error messages.

    I've been there before. The above advice is correct - the KiwiSDR will not provide the fineness of adjustment you require. You should correct in the downconverter if you can.
  • If one uses a Bodnar GPSDO having two outputs, it is possible to use one output to externally reference the kiwi (if you want better precision than the built-in GPS) and the other for the downconverter LO or reference. This can achieve low phasenoise, sub-Hz accuracy up to 23 cm or so and 'nice' LO offsets that the kiwi should be able to accept.
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