Length of time before a new WSPR listening station's noise graphs appear on wsprdaemon.org?

Quick question with hopefully a quick answer.
How long from installation and first run of a new wsprdaemon installation, would it take to see the noise graphs on the specific page on wsprdaemon.org?

I'm setting up a second Kiwi at a new location, and I've been able to verify that spots are uploading since about 2am to wsprnet.org, and as a result of that being visible on wspr.aprsinfo.com.
I do have the noise graphs visible locally on the webserver on the pi, verified this morning before heading out to the office.

However, I'm not yet seeing the new station's public noise graphs that I would expect on http://wsprdaemon.org/SWLJN47FJ/ .
Is there a certain length of time that the station needs to be online before it becomes visible? I'm not seeing this new station listing on wa2zkd.net:8088 or wspr.pe1itr.com yet either.

My other station (swlio52rp) is working away, and all graphs and spots are showing up as expected, even with the poor antenna I'm using there, on http://wsprdaemon.org/SWLIO52RP. The wsprdaemon configuration should be functionally identical to that one
I definitely need to update/cleanup/re-cable that cheap Chinese amplified loop antenna.


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    Do a comparison of the working/not-working WSD configs?
    (using WinMerge, Beyond Compare etc. to avoid characters that "look OK")
    Just in case something about the ident or other lines affecting graph upload have a typo?
    I didn't see my graphs for a while, I was changing things every few hours so may have caused that, I don't know if there needs a certain number of spots to get it listed.
  • Mental note to self, check the case of things typed in as identifiers..

    in the wsprdaemon.conf I had followed the apparent convention of AA00aa with the second pair of letters being lower case, and I was looking for AA00AA on the website instead. Looking for AA00aa on the website brought up all the graphs I wanted..
  • I'm glad to see that you figured that out and you find the graphing useful
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