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KiwiSDR over Internet settings

I am setting up my KiwiSDR. I'm not network smart, but I believe I am trying to use dynamic IP for my local network (DHCP), Auto add NAT rule and to translate from "Check Port Open" with shows Yes Yes. But when I try to open a receiver I get a time out and no connection. To help, here are the three relevant screens:
What setting did I mess up? After I get this to work, I will post the proper settings to help someone else with this. Thanks, Bob


  • It works from outside, I just tried it.

    From inside the network it may not work from as the router is stopping you looping back into the public interface from the private.

    Fair bit of noise on the antenna at the moment but I could connect.
  • jksjks
    edited December 2019
    Yes, unless your router supports a somewhat obscure thing called "hair-pinning" you can't use the URL on your local network. You have to use something that resolves to the Kiwi's local ip address like or or maybe kiwisdr.local:8073 (the latter doesn't always work).

    Also, in your DUC config take the ":8073" out of the host field. Looks like it doesn't hurt anything but it makes a few other things look weird (e.g. first "check open port" URL). I should change my code to automatically filter that out like I do in a few other places.
  • Hey, thanks!! That is good news. I will try it on my phone, away from the house on Verizon 4G. Yes, right now the antenna is inside the room and about 5-m long. My local connection shows the same noise with a few AM stations like 550kHz, but that is about it. With the internet working, I can move on to making the RF stuff usable.
  • And it works fine on my phone as soon as I turn off Wifi, as expected by the comments. I will remove the port number on the DUC config and do a new screen shot. Thanks so much folks---this is looking good!
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