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can't smoothly drag waterfall [fixed in v1.350,351]

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When I try to drag the waterfall left or right, the interface intermittently acts as if I let go of the left mouse button. I have to release the button, press again and then drag. This happens very intermittently; sometimes I can't drag more than 1/4", other times it's fine. This happens on Windows 10 using Chrome and on Linux using Firefox. Has anyone else seen this? As far as I can tell the mice are working ok.



  • Yes, it happens on my side too.
    (Linux/chrome and linux/firefox)
  • jksjks
    edited November 2019
    Me too. I always thought it was just the crappy trackpad on my laptop.

    It's an interesting bug that is a side-effect of the audio FFT added for 8-channel mode. I have a fix ready for the next update. Also fixes for unexpected mouse-related behavior in the frequency scale.
  • It still happens here with v1.350
  • Yeah, if you move too far vertically while dragging and cross one of the invisible canvas elements the dragging will stop prematurely. Fix in today's update..
  • I wonder how many innocent mice have been blamed for this.
    It works wonderful now. Thanks, jks.
  • As well as wifi, remote links, neighbours cat.
    (I'm most sorry about the cat, it caught me at a low point).
  • Like magic, it's fixed! Thank you!
  • BTW, I checked several receivers on, and the ones showing versions prior to 350 have the problem and those at 352 work fine.
  • edited November 2019
    Not related to the waterfall scrolling issue per se, one thing that offends my slight OCD sensibilities is the way that the audio-only waterfall (on RX2-RX7) is represented when using LSB: It's "backwards" - that is, the audio waterfall doesn't line up with the receiver's bandwidth display.

    Interestingly, when in LSB mode, the left hand (lower edge) of the passband display brackets (on the frequency display) can be right against the left edge - and it's not possible to drag it beyond the edge of the screen, which for some receivers/settings can put the lower edge completely off the screen and make it inaccessible - at least on my Windows machines - and on LSB, it's simply not possible to increase the bandwidth as much as it is on USB.

    A bit of nit-picking on my part, but it would be more intuitive (to me, at least) to reverse the audio waterfall on LSB (and shift the center to the right of center) so that signals displayed in the passband were in their proper orientation and that full adjustment of bandwidth was possible.

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • Well, that is a strict, technical explanation why it happens to be displayed the way it is which is certainly useful for one unfamiliar with the process.

    I guess the comment/question had to do with the visual presentation of the available data rather than what data was actually available: I suppose that if it really bothered me, I could go into the script and fix it myself (e.g. reverse the display of the WF's bins when the BFO was on the high side, offset the CF to visually center the passband, etc.)

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