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Squelch - again :-(

Hi John,

I know that you have a million and one things to do and I hesitate to even mention this, but here goes anyway.........

I've recently been reminded about the NBFM squelch and although you have applied a lot of fixes to it, it's still not brilliant (not many are especially on HF).

I know that the subject of syllabic squelch or VAD has been discussed in the past, and is still somewhere on the to do list.

However I wondered how easy it would be to add a level controlled 'all mode' squelch derived from the signal level ?

Anything above a defined level would simply un-mute the audio.

Maybe a marker on the S-Meter could indicate the threshold ?

Maybe it could be used to pause recording too ?

Some adjustable time constants would help fine tune it, but I think even a basic level sensitive squelch would be better and more useful than the current NBFM only noise squelch.


Martin - G8JNJ
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