fsk extension defect [fixed in v1.346]

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I can't tell exactly when the fsk extension started to do a defect. I use to listen the maritime report from our SMN (Servicio Meteorol?gico Nacional) and notice that the new line coming in makes a LF and CR as usual, but the previous line gets erased. This situation makes the extension unusable. Any comments would be appreciated.


  • jksjks
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    Fixed in today's v1.346 release. Apologies for that! (it was an unfortunate side-effect of recent work on the admin console code)
    To get the fix immediately simply restart your Kiwi.
  • Thanks for the prompt answer to my request. Regards.
  • Today, running on ver 1.337 the error is still present. With a new text line, the previous is erased so it is not working properly. First thing I did was a KiwiSDR server restart with no changes after that. Then I did a Beagle reboot and no changes too. Anybody get the same results or is there anything else that must be done to get the fsk extension working properly?
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    337? I had said this would be fixed in v1.346 which is the next release number (345 was released 5 days ago). Is your Kiwi not automatically updating or something?
  • I looked at the update tab an found this:

    I arived hom an cycled the power just in case it needed a hard restart and nothing happened to the installed version. Ho can I force the required update?
  • jksjks
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    Try clicking "build now". Then look at the log tab and see if the build starts or if you get an error message. Is this Kiwi available from the Internet? (i.e. is port 8073 on your router open and pointing to the Kiwi?) If so, if you email the ip address or URL to support@kiwisdr.com I can look at it. Having port 8073 open doesn't not necessarily mean your Kiwi has to be a public Kiwi.
  • Ok. I did it. This is the screenshoot

    Then went to the log tab. This is the screenshoot

    Yes, the KiwiSDR is accessible from the internet.
    I just emailed the public IP to the support@kiwisdr.com email.
  • After many click here and there KiwiSDR was updated.

  • Yeah, so this Kiwi had the same problem as several other I've fixed in the last few days: corrupted filesystem.

    Folks, please treat your Kiwi as a real computer. Because it is. You would never intentionally pull the power cord on your desktop machine without first doing a proper shutdown. There is a "beagle power off" button on the control tab of the admin page. Please use it.

    I'm not saying that's what happened here. It's just that we're seeing a bunch of issues like this now and every time I have to fix one of these it takes time away from development.
  • And in before someone says "maybe your software should detect that condition and automatically recover from it".
    Yes, that's not a bad idea. Something else to work on..
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    You are right. I was working on doing my KiwiSDR brown-out proof so I installed between it an the power supply a battery pack consisting 4 NiCd batteries 5000 mA to support it until the automatic generator starts after 10 seconds to supply mains to the house. I use the control tab to power BB off, but it happened many times the unreliable power off. It will be of help to know how to recover from a file system corruption. I made a backup of my KiwiSRD some weeks ago and if it is possible to install the SD and power on restoring the version and so the file system, it would be easy to do. Is it a possible solution? Or anyway you need to do something more specific like a scandisk that I use to do for my windows file system machines?
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