Opinions sought: kiwisdr.com website font size

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I've had a "constructive criticism" that the font size of the kiwisdr.com website is too small. Rather than specify a fixed font size I use HTML that specifies the fonts to be 120% of whatever browser default is in effect (assuming you have your browser setup with a default). That way hopefully the text is slight larger than "normal".

If your browser is configured to allow the webpage to set all font sizes then an 18 pixel font is the default.

With some work I can probably add a "font size choice" menu to the webpages. But I'd be curious what people are experiencing now.


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    I've never had an issue with the site but then I'm not using 4K or touchscreen, I can therefore hold Ctrl and scroll the wheel on my mouse (or Ctrl and +/-).
    Just checked the site and I had not done that, was at defaults.

    Only other comment it has probably grown vertically over time, but to make more use of my screen the text area could be wider.
  • as long as the changes can be customized by the kiwi owner.... I am OK as-is size wise
  • jksjks
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    I just hacked-in a font size selection menu (upper left corner of each website page).
    Please let me know if you find any problems.
  • Works well.
    On a mobile, landscape mode, it's more readable than many sites I've been to and that is saying something considering the amount of information contained.
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