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Add an iframe to the KiwiSDR page?

Would it be possible to add an iframe to the KiwiSDR page html? Here's what I want to do:

I'd like to have an online chat for users of my KiwiSDR, visible on the same browser tab/page as the KiwiSDR itself. I already run an online RocketChat, part of the site, which can be embedded in an iframe. The KiwiSDR setup already allows some html elements, would it be possible to add an external chat in an iframe html element?

I tried placing my KiwiSDR site in an iframe on another page, and unsurprisingly it did not work well :smile:

Here's my chat site in question:


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    For a Kiwi at Northern Utah WebSDR, I did this, which you may see by going to

    I tried to copy the html here, but it got "munched" by this message board so you will have to look at the above link, yourself.

    I haven't been able to add any text or a background image (e.g. something like "If you only see this screen, the KiwiSDR may not be online"). If you can do this without "breaking" it, let me know.

    A word of warning: Make sure that the link that you use to call page with the frame explicitly uses "http" in its link, like that at the top of this message. If your browser is in "secure" (https) mode when you call the linking page, IT WILL NOT LOAD and you will see errors in your debug console related to trying to open an "unsecure" page while already in "secure" mode.

    It's worth noting that the folks running the BATC Es'hail WebSDR have done what you suggest and if the above doesn't do it for you, you can ask them.

  • I've got an Iframe running here:
  • Where in the KiwiSDR settings did you add the iframe? Could you share the html code, maybe via pastebin or another site if it can't be placed in a message here. Thanks!
  • This iFrame is running in a WordPress page. There isn't an iFrame running in the KiwiSDR, which might be what you are asking for. But for what it is worth, here is the code for inserting the iFrame in a WordPress page.

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    Another version that will do a similar thing is here:


    Unlike KA7U's version, this will fill the entire screen, no matter the users' browser/computer capabilities, and the vast majority of users will not be aware that there is a frame. As suggested, this cannot readily run on the Kiwi itself without some modification.

    At the Northern Utah WebSDR we have set up a common "landing page" at a web hosting service (Dreamhost) to which all users are initially directed. Because we may have to change the IP address/hostname in the future, users would use one, common URL to get to the servers - no matter what the actual URL of the server in question might be in the future (e.g. we'd need only change it on the directing page and users would probably not ever notice the change).


  • I'd like to echo Chris' request in that it would be helpful to be able to have local chat capability on the KiwiSDR page.

    As an admin, it would be nice to send a message (either directly or via a chat) to one of the users as well as a system status message to all users when needed. Being able to embed a chat would be a great benefit for users who wish to share info about what they are listening to, etc.

    Thank you for making the KiwiSDR platform such a success. I enjoy sharing my receiver as much as I enjoy using it.

    ?SDR - CT/MA Border
  • It's on the (semi-infinite) list. I'll get to it when I can.
  • Fantastic news, thank you! I just need a way to embed an iframe and not mess up the rest of the KiwiSDR page, and can take it from there.
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    It seems this was added to the KiwiSDR as of version 1.371, thank you very much! I don't see it in the change log, so I am bumping this thread up so others who may also have missed its addition learn about it.

    I am using it to add the HFUnderground real time radio related chat. We have a lot of KiwiSDR users (and owners) as well as general radio hobbyists on the chat. The chat fits nicely into the iframe and seems to work well with most browsers, the only problem I have notice so far is with Brave, not sure what is up with it, I have to look into it some more.

    My KiwiSDR for reference:

    The URL to add to the iframe extension configuration for the chat, if anyone else wishes to add it to their KiwiSDR:

    Details on registering for a chat account:,41066.0.html
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    Sorry about that. It was v1.365 on Jan 10 actually. Apologies to Kari. 90 files changed in that release and I missed mentioning it in the change log. On top of that there had to be two more releases in quick succession to fix some problems.
  • Not a complaint at all, jks! I greatly appreciate my itch being scratched :D
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