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KiwiSDR without Internet?

I was wondering if it is possible to run the KiwiSDR entirely without an Internet connection? I've tried several times but even though it gets an ip address from my local LAN DHCP server, it never seems to fully load into a browser-accessible gui (with frequency, waterfall and all the other controls) if that LAN isn't able to provide a connection to the Internet.


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    I tried it here and it worked fine. I'm running the latest version (v1.335). I pulled the VDSL connection to my router, waited a bit, and was able to connect. I use MAC-locking (static lease) of local ip addresses. I tried again after using the restart and reboot options on the admin page and it worked fine. You don't get the local time display because the web-based timezone lookup fails. But everything else is okay.

    Do the log messages have anything interesting to say? If you can't bring up the log tab on the admin page you might have to ssh/PuTTY into the Beagle directly and have a look.
  • That is interesting. Thank you very much for testing this.

    Last time I tried this was well over a year ago, so maybe newer firmware can now properly deal with this.

    I will try again and see what happens with the one I'm running here.
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    That is excellent news. I am going to put one of my KiwiSDRs into a small portable box with batteries and use the spectrum and waterfall displays to show local HF band noise (0-30 MHz). I'm thinking that a trial and error exercise with common mode chokes and filters might allow me to improve the local noise situation at my local Amateur Radio Club and at club member home QTHs. The relevance of being battery powered is to isolate the KiwiSDR from power supply and mains borne interference at each location and concentrate on all the other types of interference.
  • Perhaps consider adding SDRtouch (on Android) and an RTL dongle to the kit.
    I've used that for higher HF and above, I suppose you could use with a upconverter to look at HF issues.
    A dongle + converter although lower quality (8bit) and narrower bandwidth should be cheap enough to provide a few "Club QRM kits" for loan.
    Its also easier to walk the neighbourhood looking for sources with a mobile in hand and discrete kit in a pocket.
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