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Time limit exemption password

Hi. I am setting up the KiwiSDR on behalf of a club. I have set 2 channels for public use & 2 for "members only" with a password. So far so good, but I'd like the "members" not to be time limited, but "public" limited to 60 minutes of inactivity. I have entered these settings on the "Control" page, including a password in the "Time limit exemption password" box. Members can sign in OK, but are still limited to the "public" 60 mins - There seems to be nowhere to enter the Time limit exemption password.
Can anyone help a noobie? What am I doing wrong? Or have I misunderstood the time limit exemption?
Thanks in anticipation,
Bruce (G4KZT)


  • jksjks
    edited October 2019
    Have your member users append
    to the URL entered in the browser address field. Use the separator '?' or '&' as required by URL syntax standards, e.g.
    This is described in the documentation:

    I tried this again myself to refresh my memory and I see there is an inconsistency and probably a bug with how it works.

    Recall that there are two limitations that can each have an independent timeout value set: the inactivity timeout, but also the 24hr use-per-ip-address limit. Your connection will always be limited by the timeout with the least time remaining, e.g. if there is a 60 minute inactivity timeout when you connect, but there is only 45 minutes remaining on your 24hr limit, then the 24hr limit will expire first. The single "time limit exemption password" will allow you to bypass all timeout checks.

    But the password works in a slightly different way for each. If you give pwd=... in the URL you are never timed out for any reason. But that is an inconvenience to type in all the time (less so if part of a browser bookmark). The 24h limit does something reasonable if you don't include pwd=... A page appears informing you of the timeout, but also prompting you for the password. When you enter it successfully the password is remember in a browser cookie. Now you never have to enter the password for that Kiwi/browser combination again (unless the cookie is erased.)

    When an inactivity timeout occurs you also get a page. But there is no promoting for the password and hence no opportunity to have it saved as a cookie. Using pwd=... doesn't save the password in a cookie either. And those two behaviors are probably bugs that need to be fixed.
  • Thank you for the prompt reply. I now understand.
    Sorry I didn't spot it in the quickstart guide.
    And thank you so much for all your hard work JKS!
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