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Moving from present location to another

I will moving from one American state to another one in the coming month. Since I am new to KiwiSDR, I have no experience in how a physical move might effect things when I go to set up my Kiwi again in the new location.

Essentially, here is the story of my Kiwi and what is going to happen next: I've had the Kiwi online for about a year now and it is available online for all users. I will be dismantling the Kiwi and taking it to a completely different location in the United States. I am aware that I will need to go into the Kiwi control panel and put in new GPS coordinates, change the elevation, etc. But is there anything else that I need to do in order to make sure that putting my Kiwi back online is relatively seamless, meaning that it will go back online easily, but just in a different location? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but again, I've never done this before.


  • Assuming at the new location, other network devices can get online, that the Kiwi (Beaglebone) is set to get a network address from the router (DHCP on the network tab) then it should just be:

    1. Fixed, or at least allocated address for the Kiwi
    2. Port forward to 1.

    External things that could affect it are ISP issues but if you are not changing provider that is unlikely.

    As you say, details on "Webpage" tab and "" tab, will need updating.

  • Powernumpty: Thanks for your reply, and yes, I anticipate the IP address change in the website setup page. I'm keeping the same provider, but only in a different state (Comcast/Xfinity). I think all will go well with the switch, but wanted to try to anticipate anything that was not obvious to me. Again, thank you.
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