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Feature request - receiver info on status page [trial in v1.334]

Any chance of adding receiver information to the status page? Say a line for each receiver, with the currently tuned frequency, mode, user IP, etc? Even just a copy of the text from the admin page would be great if that would be the least work. I can parse that, which is what I am doing now, but it's spewing lots of entries in the log.


  • Hi Chris,

    Can you further clarify what you mean ?

    That information is already on the Admin Status page, do you want it adding somewhere else or reformatting in some way ?


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • I'd like it on the status page so I can grab it easily from another app. Right now I have to scrape the Admin page, which generates an entry in my local log each time I do it.
  • I think Chris means from the /status URL, i.e.

    The /status interface was originally required by to poll clients for their current user count etc. It has since been expanded for use by other things (TDoA) as ignores entries it doesn't understand ("fixes_min=30"). You can even get all the /status values for all public Kiwis in one whack by doing a "curl/wget" of as /status values are embedded there as HTML comments. This is what drives and probably other stuff.

    Now, should the connected user list be added to that? Should it be so easy for absolutely anyone to get the list of all users, with their geolocation info, from all public Kiwis? Maybe there should be a different interface that adds the user list only for queries from the local network, i.e. your own software looking at your own Kiwi for logging/app purposes.

    What do you guys think? This has been requested before and I'm just hesitant to add it. To the public interface at least.
  • I think it has to be just from the local network.

    Exposing the data to anyone is very problematic for all sorts of reasons, and could in some countries even put users at risk.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • I agree with Martin... or, maybe a PW scheme for such data
  • jksjks
    edited September 2019
    Okay, there is a trial of this in today's v1.334, e.g. "kiwi:8073/users" Only responds to connections from the local network.
    Response is JSON with a couple of the fields URI encoded. This mostly because it already existed as a protocol with the Kiwi Javascript and I've been trying to move everything to JSON anyway.

    So a JSON array with as many objects as there are rx channels. Many of the fields can be an empty string value if there is no info.
    • i: channel index
    • n: name/callsign field, URI encoded
    • g: geolocation, URI encoded
    • f: freq Hz
    • m: mode
    • z: zoom level 0-14
    • t: connect time h:mm:ss
    • rt: time remaining type: 0 = no limit, 1 = inactivity limit will expire first, 2 = /24 hr limit will expire first
    • rs: time remaining h:mm:ss (inactivity or /24 hr)
    • e: extension in use
    • a: user's ip address (as you would see on admin status tab)
  • Really useful for quick checks (and lots of other uses built on it), many thanks for adding that.
  • Thank you very much, this is perfect!
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