KiwiSDR + BeagleBone Black + Metal case

I'm very new to beaglebone and KiwiSDR. I had one BeagleBone Black without use (actually, I never used it) and I just brought an KiwiSDR board + metal case (all from seeed studio). Would I would like to confirm is: KiwiSDR is compatible with BeagleBone Black? If yes, this os the correct way to install it?

If 'yes', I'll need to make a little cut into side panel to fit my board, since power connector is a little big and where USB connector should be in beagle bone black (pictures).


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    The software on the micro-SD card will work on a BB-Black in addition to the BB-Green. No changes.

    Yes, the end panels on the metal enclosure were not designed to be compatible with the BBB. But you don't want to use the BBB power connector anyway so it really isn't an issue (unless the clearance prevents the end panel from being screwed flush against the case). I'm not sure I even tried this combination.
  • Thank you jks!
    Just one more question: any tip where I should connect the FAN, since there's no connector to ir on BBB?
    I'm guessing GPIO......but I'm not sure and I don't know if is safe to connect there.
  • That's a tough one. The enclosure is really not designed for the BBB at all. I'm not sure if Seeed ships a 3.3 or 5V fan. If yours says 5V then you could get 5V (I think) from the USB-A connector on the back end of the BBB. Then splice it to the fan wires (you'd have to cut off the Grove connector or remove the pins from the shell).
  • Can't get it to work :/
    I think it's not direct related to Kiwiboard, but maybe software?
    After power up, I got strange led sequence for a while (and no network, because I'm monitoring my DHCP)....and after a while, board get IP, LED's stop blinking and I can ping board....but just for a few seconds, then board turn totally off. I already tried with another power supply, same problem.
    Any tips? I'm using the XDCard that came with KiwiSDR.

  • That back-and-forth LED pattern is normal during re-flashing. Read the printed instructions that came with your Kiwi board. You have to wait until it stops, all LEDs come on for a while, and the BBB powers off. Then remove the sd card and power back on. It should then work.
  • Yeah, RTFM Jonis :(
    Sorry for that.
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