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KiwiSDR case, something's not right [fixed]

edited September 2019 in Problems Now Fixed
According to the instructions (Snip 0.jpg), the top plastic case is supposed to slide right in with just a little fiddling to get past the KiwiSDR board.

Sorry, but that ain't happening, Captain. The board sits way to high (Snip 2)

I did get the bottom installed just fine, according to the instructions. (Snip 1)

Any assistance is appreciated.

Mark, WD4ELG



  • jksjks
    edited September 2019
    Note photo that says "Important: Metal side pieces go on top of bottom plastic plate".
  • OK, jks. You have stumped me. In Snip 1 that shows the plastic piece attached to the bottom of the board, the metal side pieces are on top of the plastic. Is this so simple that I can't see it?
  • ROFL. The metal case goes on top of the plastic when the orientation is bottom down, not bottom up! The pictures in the enclosed instructions in the box were kinda hard to read, but I got it when I saw the details online.
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