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KiwiSDR Sound Client - update

I released a new version of my python KiwiSDR sound client. This update adds an --echo option to also echo the sound to the default sound output device, in addition to the specified sound device.

Based on the kiwiclient python script, this script will connect to a local or remote KiwiSDR, and stream the audio to a virtual audio device on your computer in real time, so you can route it to a decoding program, such as for SSTV, FAX, RTTY, and so on.

Downloads and more info:


  • This looks interesting and very useful and should eventually be added to
    • enabling the new options only if sounddevice is installed,
    • including also IQ mode, and
    • avoiding global variables
    By the way, in order to get the good quality resampling, you should use libsamplerate, i.e., pip install samplerate. Maybe you can add this to the instructions on your webpage.
  • Thanks for the libsamplerate suggestion, I just added it to the webpage.

    This was something I wrote to scratch my own itch. I just updated my Black Cat HF Weather Fax app to call it from the transmission schedule window, with the frequency set, to make it easier to tune into fax transmissions and decode them, speaking of scratching itches :)
  • has anyone got this going in Linux yet.... stumbling a bit here
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