Locked out by using the Admin page?


I am new and played with the admin pages and possibilities. When I wanted to return to the main page, I got the message:
"sorry, this kiwisdr server is being used for development right now."
There was no way to remove the message and return to normal operation except reinstall the image from the SD-card.
I restarted the server etc. I was looking for a lock "server-down" in the root directory and also for "ku" and "kd" but could not find them.

Which Menues should I avoid to be locked out.

Thanks Hajo


  • Hi Hajo,
    Can you ssh to it and run the "ku" command?


  • Hi Stu,


    I tried it, but there was a warning, not to do that. But I still have trouble to sort out kiwi and beaglebone structure and system... I have another BBB running.

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    Hi ,
    sorry I first tried it from the admin console. There I got this message. Later I made a ssh connection to root, couldn't find the command.
    What is the difference between ssh and admin console?
  • via the SSH connection if you run "cdp" before "ku" that should work.
    The command needs to be run from the right directory I believe
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    The only way you will get the "Sorry, this KiwiSDR server is being used for development right now" message is if on the "control" tab of the admin page you have set the "enable user connections?" switch to "no" AND you have left the "reason if disabled" field blank. Set the switch back to "yes" and you should be fine (no restart is required).

    Above, the "ku" ("kiwi up") command was mentioned. But I think everyone meant to say "up" ("update") which is the command to manually update the software and rebuild from scratch. This is essentially the manual version of what the automatic software update does. See the link in Stu's post.

    The "up" command cannot be used from the console tab of the admin page. That's why you get the error message (there is a different procedure needed in this case). The "cdp" "up" command sequence can only ever be used from a root ssh/PuTTY login to the Beagle. But that is not the solution that is needed here.
  • Hi jks and the othets,

    thanks! You were right: I was playing on grounds which I should have omitted. Things are getting clearer and next time I know how to deal with my own incompetence and will do as you proposed.

    73 de Hajo (dl1sdz)
  • What is the difference between ssh and admin console?
    For the case of rebuilding the software there is an important distinction. First, "up" is a shell script found in the main /root/Beagle_SDR_GPS directory. So the "cdp" command must be used to get there in order for "up" to be found. "ku" "kd", "ms" et al are shell aliases, and some work no matter what your current directory. Quickest way to see what they do is e.g. "al ku" ("al" is itself an alias for the shell "alias" command).

    The "up" script is:
    # update to the latest version on Github
    # hack to see if we're running on a BBB
    if test ! -f /etc/dogtag; then
    	echo "probably don't want to run this on development machine"
    	exit 0
    if test "x$TERM" = "xdumb" ; then
        echo "No! Don't do from a console connection. Will strand the Beagle. Instead do: m git; mi; (restart button)"
        exit 0
    make stop
    git clean -fd
    git checkout .
    git pull -v
    make clean
    make install
    make start
    Now consider what would happen if you ran this inside the console tab of the admin interface (and the check wasn't there). As soon as it hits the "make stop" your connection to the Kiwi goes away. Now what? If this is a Kiwi for which you have no ssh access (for whatever reason) then you're stuck. The suggested steps of "m git; mi; (restart button)" is a manually way of doing a rebuild while the Kiwi is still running and then restarting safely once the build has been successful.

    There is also the "force software build" button on the update tab which manually starts the automatic software update process.
  • Hi again jks,

    you described exactly what happened. So I started looking into the git pages ... but that takes time.
    Is there somewhere a top down technical documentation, before diving into the real world (code)?I
    I started to explore the file structure, but without an overview it seems at last for me to get lost

  • jksjks
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    All there is at the moment is the user/admin guide ("operating information", which grew from the "quick start" page) http://kiwisdr.com/quickstart/index.html Even that is unfortunately incomplete (some commands and options are not documented).

    There is a architecture design document, but it is very old and somewhat out-of-date: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1bjyp1acghnc16/KiwiSDR.design.review.pdf?dl=1

    There is no "tour" guide of the software/files. That was always a low-priority task. Sadly we don't have many software contributors, although the ones we do have are doing some absolutely stellar work. And of course our many forum contributors are providing a great service to our user base.
  • Thanks jks,

    it's reading and exploring time and just in case ... I know where to ask to get a valid answer.

    I appreciated your help.

    73 de Hajo
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