Asking for Admin password when editing tags and two sessions running from same local IP [fixed]

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Hi John,

I noticed that whilst trying to add a tag, that if I have two browser sessions running I will be asked for an admin password.

However if I enter the password the KiWi GUI just locks up and requires a refresh to run again.

Don't know if this chrome browser error log helps

kiwisdr.min.js:1 w3_el_softfail("id-msg-config") SOFTFAIL
kiwisdr.min.js:1 w3_el_softfail("id-msg-gps") SOFTFAIL
kiwisdr.min.js:1 w3_el_softfail("id-msg-audio") SOFTFAIL
kiwisdr.min.js:1 audio_connect: reconnect=0 audio_mode_iq=false audio_channels=1 audio_compression=true
kiwisdr.min.js:1 XDLS seen servers=0
kiwisdr.min.js:1 w3_el_softfail("id-msg-stats-cpu") SOFTFAIL
kiwisdr.min.js:1 w3_el_softfail("id-msg-stats-xfer") SOFTFAIL
kiwisdr.min.js:1 badp=5
kiwisdr.min.js:1 admin_pwd_cb badp=5
kiwisdr.min.js:1 WS-CLOSE: W/F
kiwisdr.min.js:1 WS-CLOSE: SND
7kiwisdr.min.js:1 WebSocket is already in CLOSING or CLOSED state.
snd_send @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
audio_periodic @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
setInterval (async)
audio_start @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
audio_recv @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
on_ws_recv @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
u.onmessage @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
kiwisdr.min.js:1 WebSocket is already in CLOSING or CLOSED state.
ext_send @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
ext_valpwd @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
admin_pwd_cb2 @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
w3_call @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
w3_input_change @ kiwisdr.min.js:1
onchange @ (index):1
24kiwisdr.min.js:1 WebSocket is already in CLOSING or CLOSED state.


Martin - G8JNJ


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