Static address in admin network not working, but will dhcp.

While playing around with cables and Ethernet speeds on the latest software version I have got it into a strange condition.
I can't see/ping the Kiwi on the network at the defined static address (which has been static and working for ages) but I can put it on another network and it will pick up an address from DHCP.
I've rebooted everything in line between the Kiwi and router and the kiwi a few times swapped cables and ports.

I got in via SSH renamed opt.admin_ip so I can use the web interface, set it to DHCP and rebooted (connecting back to orginal network)
On the original network, I saw it get the right dhcp address from the router, respond to three pings from a constant ping running, then nothing.

Feels like it is pushing traffic the wrong way once up?


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    OK I might be over complicating this, might just be "DHCP enabled all the time", not respecting the admin interface static address.
    The rest (uncontactable) might be just a local issue with a rogue DHCP server.
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