Newbie question, confused - how to route audio to computer apps

I see a lot of discussions about DRM, but I did not find any simple guidance on how to route the audio from the browser to a Virtual Audio Cable so that the apps on my computer can consume the audio stream. (I have Virtual Audio Cables installed and working for my SDRPlay devices).

Do I need to select the IQ output add-in?
Where do I choose the audio output device? Is that a setting in the browser? Which browser should I be using?


Mark, WD4ELG


  • There's no setting in the browser or the kiwiSDR*. It's all the VAC and App you need to configure. Please mention your OS and Apps so others can help.

    * mode is likely I/Q but again it depends on app
  • Thanks, WA2ZKD. I am accessing KiwiSDR on the web (other Kiwi's, I don't have one of my own yet). Apps include SpectrumLab, FLDigi.
  • It doesn't matter who's SDR it is, all you are doing is using an internal audio cable to forward the browser sound to the software (any of those).

    You could do it physically by having a sound output fed back into a sound input, the virtual method is exactly the same but er,,, virtual.
  • Thanks for the reply. The concept is clear, but how do I configure the browser to redirect the sound?
  • You don't configure the browser. It always feeds out the same place. That is handled in the VAC
  • I've successfully used older versions of Voicemeeter to do this.
  • Thanks. Am I making this more complicated than necessary?

    I open the browser (Chrome). I connect to the Remote kiwi receiver.

    I have the Virtual Audio Cable installed. I launch SpectrumLab and select the Virtual Audio Cable.

    How does the audio stream get from the browser into Virtual Audio Cable?
  • I run Linux and the equiv. VAC there but I think you need a W10 VAC users to give you specifics. Confirm which VAC you are using
  • I got it. Windows settings, sound panel. Thanks everyone for your patience and assistance.
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