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Selective timed shutdown of receivers.

The timed shutdown of receivers is great for controlling availability of receivers. The issue that I have is that this is not selective and will shutdown all receivers after timeout.

I opperate our clubs KiwiSDR and have three receivers decoding WSPR (80M,40M & 20M) which are initiated at startup, I do not want these receivers to shutdown after timout from inactivity etc as set on the Admin control page, but do want all other receivers to shutdown as perscribed. Could this be modified to give the facility to selectively add the shutdown control to individual receivers.

Many thanks, Roger Hill ZL1VCC


  • Like browser connections from the local network, WSPR auto-run connections are exempt from the two timeout mechanisms (inactivity and per-24-hour). That's why the orange countdown timers do not appear for those entries on the "users" tab of the control panel and the status tab on the admin page.
  • Thanks, I now see that auto-run WSPR connections are exempt from Timeout if KiwiSDR server is rebooted after setting the timeouts. If not rebooted then the orange countdown timers are present on the auto-run receivers and the receivers will timeout.
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