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Startup issues

Last week the problem with updating software for my Amazon purchased board was solved.
Since then, I've been testing it overnight with success.
This morning, I could not reach the Kiwi over my net.
It has disappeared from my LAN.
Of course, I have reset it a handful of times.

The LEDs appear to have a different pattern than before. While the power LED stays on, the user LEDs have a complicated pattern something like this:

all on for a second or two
all quickly flash several tines
a single led comes on and off
the leds scr9oll from one end to the other
a single led flashes

My eyes are too bad to be sure which single led is coming on.

What has happened?



  • jksjks
    edited July 2019
    Have you left the sd card installed in the Beagle and have power cycled it since it was working?

    If you visit the site from Firefox (doesn't work with Safari or Chrome) does it find the Kiwi? Click the "scan" button after the site loads.
  • JKS -

    The system was not touched and left in a power up state always. It worked fine at 11 PM but was not responding to anything at 9 AM.
    I didn't try the scan from kiwi as MyLANViewer says there was no device at the Kiwi LAN address. Pings also failed inside my LAN.
    What is the meaning of the LED pattern I tried to report but maybe didn't get right.

  • jksjks
    edited July 2019
    That pattern sounds like the normal Kiwi status pattern. Embedded in that pattern is the local ip address but decoding it takes some skill:

    I would just try power cycling the Kiwi and see if it comes back. Make sure you have green & yellow LEDs on the Ethernet RJ45 with the green one blinking occasionally (normally blinks in response to traffic).
  • I'd also check your power supply.

    I've had similar symptoms in the past, and it was associated with the power supply voltage being a bit too low.

    Sometimes it all worked OK and other times it didn't.

    In fact 90% of any issues I have ever had with my KiWi's, has been associated with the external power supply.

    Swapping the power supply usually fixed it, so it may be worth a try if you continue to have problems.


    Martin - G8JNJ
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