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SDR.HU two address showing with IP address

Hi folks.
I have set up my KiwiSDR Vk5ade and there appears to be two address one being the IP address.
I can not find where to remove it and or if SDR.HU can remove it.
I had this similar problem at the beginning and was able to remove the second DDNS address.
Any help would be most appreciated.



  • There is nothing to do but wait until the earlier one times out and is removed. Sometimes it takes up to a week or so. I don't run so I don't know why it it this way.
  • Yep that is what I thought I was just a bit concerned the IP was showing up on the web site.
    Just wondering what other software is out there. ?
  • jksjks
    edited July 2019
    This problem happens if you have registration turned on, but on the "connect" tab have "domain name" selected with a blank entry. Or "public ip" selected. If you correct it later on to a proper domain name that resolves to the same public ip address gets confused and shows both entries until the earlier one eventually times out. doesn't have this problem.
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