Sorry, software update in progress. Please check back in a few minutes.

Bought a receiver. Turned on. We got access to the interface, and it says there is an update that has been going on for several hours already.

What to do in this case?


  • It is still not clear why the Uptime counter shows less than a couple of minutes and then resets to zero again. At the same time, communication with KIWISDR is not interrupted and it does not turn off.
  • Can you open port 8073 on your router so I could connect and see what's going on? I would also need to know your public ip address.

    Do you know how to connect to the Beagle/Linux of the Kiwi directly using ssh/PuTTY? If so, then it would be interesting to know if there are error messages contained in the log from these commands:
  • Logged in via ssh
    Trying to update there, that's what's happening.
    Pls help to understand these incomprehensible characters.

  • jksjks
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    So when you update from the factory image (v1.2) to the latest version (currently v1.298) a lot of third party packages have to be downloaded including an entirely new compiler (clang). That step seems to be failing although the error messages don't make it clear exactly why. It seems to be related to the package mechanism.

    Is there a way I can get access via port 8073? Thanks.
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    Is the Kiwi behind a proxy? can it be flushed?
    One part of the error is a "failed to fetch", that could be the redirect failing to properly direct to a valid source (mine redirects to http://cdn-fastly.deb.deb...........)
    Does the file mentioned ( come down OK on a normal PC on the same network as the Kiwi?

    Oh and to save anymore stupid posts from me just give jks the designer and main man access to it ;-).
  • jksjks
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    I can also look at this problem if you are willing to open a TeamViewer session so I can connect to a PC/Mac on your network and then onto the Kiwi. Just email the TeamViewer login info to I'm in the UTC+12 timezone, so that means early morning (early evening) or vice versa is best. Or USA 11am PT, 2pm ET onward (beginning of my day).
  • Okay, I may have a solution. Login to Beagle and try this:
    (stop Kiwi server if it isn't already)
    apt-get install debian-archive-keyring        (updates package keys)
    pkup        (updates package list)
    pki clang        (rebuild clang)
    If you get errors rebuilding clang try removing the old package and reinstalling:
    pkrm clang
    pki clang
    Rebuild Kiwi as you did before:
    Server should start when this finishes.
  • jksjks
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    Unless the clang package is damaged requiring a manual remove and reinstall described above you should now just be able to do a "cdp" followed by "up" command and fix this problem. The v1.301 release does the keyring update automatically.
  • Thx for all, clang was the reason.
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