v1.296,297,298: TDoA extension improvements

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v1.296  July 5, 2019
    TDoA extension improvements:
        Help panel now explains URL parameters.
        Sampling and reference stations given in URL can be abbreviated.
            (e.g. "dcf" matches "DCF77", "cyp2" matches "OTHR/CYP2")
        Added "listen" icon (green speaker) to sampling station list.
            Previously you could double-click a sampling station marker on the map to open a
            connection in another window to check if that Kiwi is hearing the target signal.
            The listen icon does the same thing but from within the control panel.
        Added Cypress reference stations: alternative OTHR/CYP2 site, TWR/R.Sawa MWBC site.


  • v1.297,298  July 6, 2019
        TDoA extension improvements:
            Changed to "pie wedge" animation during 30 second signal sampling.
            Checkboxes are displayed after sampling that can be used during a rerun to exclude stations.
                Useful when you've decided a station in the sampling list is giving poor results.
                Only applies to the rerun button and not the full submit button.
            Fixed various marker problems when switching between result and setup maps.
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