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Receiver/Waterfall scanning speed (Vertical)

When the 'kiwi SDR' WF rate says 'fast'...what is that rate? I want to use the rcvr to do fading patterns and statistics, and I need the speed in seconds to be able to report the data.


  • My experience is that the speed varies depending upon the number of users and internet speed / latency.

    I think you would obtain better results using the S-Meter extension.

    Personally I'd like to be able to download CSV files from the S-Meter extension, but as others have pointed out it should really be performed by using kiwirecorder.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • Martin is correct.

    To meet the realtime response response requirements of the system the waterfall processing is given the lowest priority in the scheduling of tasks (except for GPS satellite acquisition). So it will slow down as more than one channel connects and as extensions are run (particularly the WSPR and SSTV extensions which are very FFT-heavy).

    That said, the delivered frame rate of the waterfall appears as a statistic on the "Stats" tab of the control panel. Second line from the bottom that begins "Beagle". At the end of that line is "FPS N|T" where N is the current connection waterfall number of delivered frames per second. The T number is supposed to be the sum of all channels but it looks like it's broken (always zero). This info also appears on the "Status" tab of the admin page except the N number _is_ the total of all channels.

    The "fast" WF rate is roughly 23 fps and medium around 13.
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