Other WSPR sites

Was just looking at https://wspr.fggs.de
Has some interesting plotting options like "Radiation Pattern" (OK reception for those of us just listening), for example my reception seems specifically poor to the east, I wasn't aware of that.
Mind you the UK calls I've checked seem to have a bias to the west, I wonder if that is to do with rotation of the earth and daylight users or the amount of wet stuff to the west of the UK.

Also http://wspr.vk7jj.com/
Only started digging on both of these sites. The first one on my screen favours being full screen to save scrolling and to avoid missing features.


  • The first one, like KB9AMG, appears to be EOD post-processed. The latter, like http://www.wa2zkd.net:8088, appears to be real-time
  • I'm sure you are right, it was the visual format and processing that interested me on the first one.

    What happened to the "progress" files on your site? The file I was graphing is still there but not being populated with data.
    I'd intended to try and log one month (this month) and my neighbours were away for the last couple of days so I was hoping to compare plots then it all want dark ;-).
    Not complaining by the way, have learnt quite a bit from the few weeks on the pursuit, most of it from your realtime files so thanks.
  • I may have broken progress and didn't know... will check
  • I have made my site "public" now, my announcing it on wsprnet. The progress files are still there but the URL is not apparent anymore.
  • Will have to get some university interested in the trends side, I'm sure the affects of high altitude heating operations must be detectable..
    Let's see where the next induced earthquake is being focussed.
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    That was probably the first site that alerted me to the challenge side of WSPR, I check it the day after any setup changes.
    I recognise your call as being one that is consistently up the top end.
  • the impromptu WSPR Challenge is so much fun...! :-)
  • That's interesting for sure. I'm in the top 40 listeners, even with a poor quality antenna. (swlio52rp)
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    When wspr.net goes down so do the rest!

    Looks like wsprnet.org went down some hours ago, --edit-- Using the wa2zkd.net site I see the last report for my station is 2:35AM.
    Maybe I should stop the WSPR and do something with my life and Kiwi's ;-).
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