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How does kiwisdr-bbg calculate user locations in receiver login form info

How does kiwisdr system compute the location assigned to logins of users making use of the radio through as well as when logged in locally using local LAN ip addresses. I had an isp and it would say I was located in places I am nowhere near. The isp was taken over by a new parent company and now it shows that I am in numerous places in Alberta Canada and/or Saskatchewan Canada when I am in reality in Manitoba Canada. It has never shown me in a correct location since I began using it. I am not able to access it using the link to my station from inside my home network but I can if I use my laptop at a remote wifi or foreign cellular inet service; why is that also. Anytime I do google searches to find this information it keeps pointing me to TDoA which is not the same location info I am trying to get straightened out.
Thanks for any info


  • The geolocation information displayed by the Kiwi for a particular user's ip address comes from standard web geolocation lookup tools (websites). The databases for these are created and maintained by the network providers and ISPs. The Kiwi has nothing to do with this and has no say in how the locations are assigned.
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    OK Thanks that is kind of what I thought; so as far as ISPs are concerned nothing important then. No wonder the EMER ALERT system based on geog locations doesn't work properly either. Same with logging into a retail chain and getting assigned to a home store on the other side of the country.
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