Browser session reset after 60 min

Recently I noticed that my local browser connections time out and re-connect after 60 minutes. Tried different browsers and no obvious reasons show in the admin settings or log file. Anyone else with with same experience or suggestions?

best regards, Ben


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    Some ideas but not that I've seen do this..
    Router DHCP settings, does it give out a new lease every hour? If possible edit the time for renewal in the router or try setting a fixed IP address (outside of the normal DHCP range), does that change anything?
    Power settings on computer? Edit the power plan (windows) see if it is set to power down or do something else after an hour.
    Are you connected by Ethernet or wifi? maybe look at the power management settings for the network interface in use.

  • Thanks Powernumpty for your suggestions.

    After connecting directly using an Ethernet cable between the Kiwi and a laptop the problem was still there.

    Then upon closer inspection I noticed that in the additional html section of the admin web page I had entered a meta refresh instruction in order to limit refresh of data coming from an external website, which seemed to be a good idea at that time. So this problem - of my own making - is solved.

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