Changing the Linux hostname - will I break something?

I'm sending two Kiwi syslogs to another Linux machine.
I had an issue with one Kiwi freezing probably caused by something networking related or leaving the admin interface browser open for days (121 hours +)
Checking the central syslog for entries it's hard to differentiate between the two with the same hostname.

If I change the hostname am I likely to break something or have it reset on an update?


  • That will work fine. I do it here.
  • Brilliant thanks, have broken enough for this week.
  • a caution.... if you use chrome, don't sit on the admin gps page continually.... it'll lock up.... chrome fault not kiwi
  • I harbour a deep loathing for Chrome so it would have been Firefox but certainly felt like a browser issue.
    I'd been changing so many other things so hard to be precise. Plotting the WSPR hits from your page made it obvious and got me checking logs.
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