Hypothetical (Asking for a friend!)

If I only had access to my home network through an Android tablet, would I be able to add a KiwiSDR to said network and configure it?


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    I think as long as you can discover the initial IP address of the KiWi when it's connected to the network, then you should be able to do everything else via a web browser on the tablet.

    You can do this by reading and decoding the flashing blue LED's on the KiWi, or perhaps by logging into your router to see what devices are connected and what IP address has been allocated.

    I friend on mine has used my KiWi via a browser on a 'Smart TV'.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • You can also use the "Fing" network tool on Android (free version) to find the Kiwi IP address. I use it on my old iPhone. Works great. You just have to look for a new device on your network usually named "kiwisdr, Texas Instruments" (TI because they makes the CPU used on the Beagle).

    Your Android device just has to have a large enough screen to deal with the Kiwi UI that is not yet optimized for mobile devices. There was also a problem with things not working on Android 8.x a while back. But I believe that issue got sorted.
  • Great, thanks a lot, this should be within my skill set!
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