Chrome access over LAN is warped [solved with browser cache flush]

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today I noticed that chrome on the PC I use for admin access to my Kiwi totally distorts the page, both the admin page and the receiver page. Please see file for details. Chrome wasn't updated at the time, but now is. No cigar though. Luckily, Edge displays the pages ok (which it actually didn't a while ago). I can access the Kiwi with Chrome from outside the LAN, and I don't think external users have any trouble. Any ideas? I have restarted the PC and Chrome too.




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    This seems to be happening more frequently. Debugging browser issues is extremely difficult if I cannot duplicate the problem here. About the best I can do is consider any obvious error messages you are seeing in the console logs of these browsers:
    Javascript/Web console:
    	Windows/Linux	Mac
    Firefox	ctrl-shift-K	cmd-alt-K
    Chrome	ctrl+shift+J	cmd-alt-J
    Safari	ctrl-shift-C	cmd-alt-C
    Opera	ctrl-shift-I	cmd-alt-I
  • Reading your post, I remembered that in the process, I was prompted to update Java. I OK'd and was asked to remove previous installations, on which I OK'd. That done, nothing more seemed to happen, and indeed there was no Java on the PC when I checked today. I installed Java, and part of the problem is gone: I can now open the receiver page in Chrome. Admin page is still a problem, but displays better, with most of the content placed correctly. Attached is a jpg of 8 error messages.

  • Well, Java != Javascript, the later of which is what the Kiwi uses in the browser. So it's difficult for me to understand what that has to do with anything.

    Those error messages are extremely bizarre. They're essentially saying those .js files have corruption right at the first line of the file (or the third line in one case). What happens if you force a cache flush by reloading the page by doing a shift-click on the reload icon? (the "shift" is important)
  • Cache flush worked! Thanks!
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    That's good, but also really unsettling. The cache ending up with corrupted contents is a real problem. I detect the cache having incorrect versions of javascript files. There are cases where that can legitimately happen. But if we can't rely on the caching integrity then I'm not sure what to do.
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