Public Kiwi, WOW

If I am interpreting the data correctly, there are now 366 KiwiSDR available for public access. That's good news. A few "holes" in the coverage however that if filled would be great for TDoA usage. Alaska for example.

Thanks to all who contribute there resources for public use.


  • I find it interesting how there are clusters on some landmasses, France, Switzerland, Germany for example. Unless large areas are badly served for bandwidth it must relate to something else, technical professions maybe. Around here there is quite a bit of farmland that would be great for remote stations but few farmers who would see the benefit of allowing someone to install a bit of kit, in more rural areas I assume it is worse.
  • even so, more Kiwi's clustered together locally help provide more connections to the masses in the event one or more Kiwi's in the cluster are full.
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