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KiwiSDR production status and availability



  • It appears the Kiwi Sdr has been out of production for about three years now. Are they ever going to be produced again? It would seem the Kiwi network of receivers is on borrowed time if none are available.

    Does anyone have one they would like to sell? Mine has quit working and I would like to replace it.

  • jksjks
    edited July 2023

    Not three years. But it hardly matters.

    What do you mean "quit working"? Are you sure it's not just a software issue? If hardware, could it just be a damaged Beagle and not the Kiwi board itself? (see the recent thread "troubleshooting after lightning strike)

  • By "quit working" I meant it did absolutely nothing. No sign of life when powered up. Replaced the beagle after checking the voltages on the kiwi board and finding them all way low. Fortunately the Kiwi board wasn't damaged and after flashing with the latest version I could find an image of it is working again.

    I do hope the kiwi boards will be produced again. I would not only like to have a back up but would also like to put another receiver or two into service.

  • Okay, very glad to hear you're running again. We have a number of cases now where the Beagle has served as a moderately expensive "fuse" that ends up saving the Kiwi board when there is some upset (lightning-induced surge, static discharge etc).

    I do hope the kiwi boards will be produced again.

    I look at this issue constantly. More than one person has emailed me pointing out that parts are generally available again (unfortunately at increased cost). I knew this of course. But as I've mentioned in previous posts parts availability is the least of the issues with any potential restart.

    But I continue to research the idea..

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