Receive ok other web KiwiSDR but not Mine

Just bought a KiwiSDR, updated the software etc.
I can connect to it but can not receive a damn thing.
The waterfall displays signals where they should be but all I recieve is noise with , perhaps a bit of modulation somewhere in there

If I connect to a local KiwiSDR receiver over the net (
I can receive without problems on the same software and hardware as I have tried on my own receiver.

advice please ..... thanks, Mike


  • Hi Mike
    What kind of antenna are you using and how is it connected?
    Is your receiver accessible from the internet so we can have a look?
  • Hi Mike,

    I operate the Kernow KiWi SDR and I'm embarrassed to say that the antenna it is using isn't that good, as it's currently picking up a lot of noise from equipment in the building it is sitting on.

    I hope to fix it at some stage, but I live some distance away so it won't be for a while.

    Let us know your KiWi's details so that we can take a listen and perhaps offer some help / advice.


    Martin - G8JNJ
  • the aerial is a long wire for the RX and a mushroom on the garden fence for the GPS.
    No location fixes or frequency calibration from gps.
    I'm comparing my signals received against and sigs are comparable.
    I can receive all modes on the webSDR but cannot resolve any mode on my localSDR.
    However. If I use the OPERA browser it works fine for both local and web, so it looks like its a problem with my copy of Firefox browser.
    I'm just about to reload a new copy of Firefox on this machine ( win7 ) to see if that helps.
  • hi Martin, can we take this to email ?
  • OK I have sent you an email,


    Martin - G8JNJ
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    Silly question, I assume the antennas are connected to the right ports GPS mainly and GPS is enabled?
    On the Firefox issues are you running any sandbox add-on's?

    On one version I had to change "security.sandbox.content.level" to a lower level
  • Yes Stu, it was a silly question. Unless the silkscreen is wrong
    I lowered the security.sandbox.content.level to one, but no joy.
    I have re-installed Firefox and it still is'nt playing.
    However, Opera and Chrome both work flawlessly.

    Looks like I have a Kiwi going spare..
  • You're getting noise instead of just silence? Is it relatively loud noise that you hear at a normal volume setting or more of a "noise floor" when you crank up the volume?

    Also, try putting the URL of your local Kiwi in Firefox's "allow audio" list. That list is buried somewhere in preferences.
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    So the tab is not muted, and the software is not muted. How are you getting to the radio by IP address, or name? (is Firefox autocompleting the address?)
    What OS?
    There are reports of Bonjour on Win10 chopping the audio, accessing by IP address should count that one out.
    If you don't want to make it available from outside why not do a screen dump with the Kiwi software showing the audio settings.
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