Get a URL to the KiwiSDR with the current frequency, mode, and zoom?

Say I am tuned to a KiwiSDR and want to share a link to it, with the tuning information in the URL. Is there a way to do this automagically, say by pushing a button and getting the URL in my pasteboard/clipboard? Maybe with all the tuning settings?

Yes, I can create the link text myself manually, but computers are supposed to let us be lazy :smile:


  • Click on the square green icon with arrow near the frequency is
  • jksjks
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    Actually, right-click on that little green/lime icon to bring up the browser's utility menu and then click "copy link location" (name varies by browser). The icon itself is a URL link so if you just regular (left) click on it another tab/window will open with the same current settings.

    Wow, but a quick Google shows that there is some Javascript that can be used to make a regular click copy the link to the clipboard. Some websites do this and I always wondered how they worked (Github in particular). Should I change this? The current behavior of having another window open (essentially a "duplicate/clone") seems pretty useless.
  • It seems that the present green icon only transfers frequency/mode/zoom. I'd say this probably has the most use in comparing kiwis by modifying the IP in the URL it gives and bringing up another receiver in a different tab. At least that's the only way I've used it.
    I'd think that the "full monty", to transfer the entire receiver state; spectrum, waterfall levels, extension with parameters etc would be a pretty big task.
  • Is it possible to get the URL to set the mode to DRM? It seems to work for other modes, but when drm is in the URL the Kiwi opens in AM mode. Or am I doing something wrong? (Entirely Possible)
  • "/?ext=drm" since DRM is both a mode and an extension. Use e.g. "drm,3965" to select one of the preset frequencies.

    I can't remember why DRM can't be used as a mode selection in the URL. Some problem that was too difficult to fix no doubt.
  • Perfect, thank you!
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