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How is the inactivity time defined? [UI improved in v1.268]

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Sorry if this question has been discussed earlier ... couldn't find a clear answer off the shelf. I'm running KiwiSDR version 1.266. It seems that the following precondition may not be applied anymore: "The timeout period is reset as soon as some adjustment to the controls is made." Or perhaps I do not know what "the controls" refer to?

We have experienced that if you, for instance, just adjust some of the waterfall settings e.g. "WF Min", it does not seem to be resetting the internal inactivity counter?

So, my question: what are the controls you should be using to get the inactivity counter reset? Also, it would be nice to have a visible inactivity counter somewhere :)

Thanks & 73, Jari OH6BG


  • jksjks
    edited February 2019
    A change to the frequency, mode or zoom resets the inactivity timer. Nothing else. Easiest way to reset the timer: "jog" the frequency by clicking the smallest circled "+" and "-" buttons on the control panel. Or maybe zooming in one level and out again by clicking the "+" and "-' magnifying glass icons.

    If there is a 24hr use limitation set then a countdown timer is displayed in orange in the user tab of the control panel. But this is not done anywhere yet for the inactivity timer.
  • Thanks, appreciated!!
  • Okay, it was fairly painless to display the lesser of both limits on the user tab. And in the case of the inactivity timeout it resets to the starting value when you successfully make a change that resets the timeout (freq, mode, zoom change).

    From the CHANGE_LOG file:
    v1.267  March 1, 2019
        In user tab on control panel show time remaining for both the inactivity timeout and connect
            time per ip address per 24 hours. Inactivity limit suffixed with "act" and resets when
            frequency, mode or zoom changed. Per-ip limit suffixed with "24h". Lesser of the two
            values is shown.
  • I had to fix a bug in v1.267. So there is now a v1.268 and I added the time limit exemption password to the list of URL parameters. Use "pwd=..." or "password=..."
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