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New (other) BBG on Ebay (UK)

I see there are some Beaglebone Green's going on Ebay for around £22 (£18 +3.95p&p).
I've picked one up as a spare, the Kiwi cape seems remarkably robust but I'm going to break a beaglebone sooner or later, plus I fiddle so nice to have a device to swap out.
The vendor says no guarantee, buyer takes a chance but I figured I'd give one a go, listed "new" and images do show the box.
I also picked up a Traco 5.1V 4A DC-DC from them for testing, that is bids so hard to say price and no quantity listed so might be just one more (Starts £11+post). Expensive brand/device new so should be interesting to see how it compares with Chinese lower priced stuff for noise.

Vendors name should find these on "thefigmentproductions"



  • Two possible reasons for that
    1. they like to keep it simple as it's not thier main job just clearing bits from projects
    2. the export (from US source) paperwork we need to sign to get the Beaglebones from Mouser in the UK, when I bought a new one I had to say where it was going, and for what, also that I didn't intend to export again.

    To me the first is the most likely explanation, but they may not want to export if they got hung up on No.2
  • Yes, that they keep it UK only is their own choice, I just commented to save non-UK members the trouble to look it up.
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