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What does the side to side blue lights mean? [don't install sd card for normal operation]

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I'm powering up a replacement Kiwi and I cannot find the IP address with the port search. I wonder if the definitions in my router (port reassignment) from my FIRST Kiwi might be preventing the new one from establishing itself on the net.
After a few min of the blue lights sweeping back and forth, the Kiwi and BB seem to power down.

PS is a high quality 5v linear regulated supply, with #18 G wire interconnect.


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    Bear in mind the thing will need to reboot to update to the current software, give it time.

    If you can get into the router you may have another way to spot it.
    1. look for "connected clients" or DHCP addresses handed out
    2. change the range of addresses handed out, I.E. if it hands out change the range to (for example) then you only have ten addresses to check.

    I tend to use Angry IP scanner as it is quick but it does need Java to be installed.
  • Thanks for the hints. It's a 2 yr old Kiwi according to the paperwork, even though it just shipped from Arrow. I've tried rebooting it several times.

    Is it normal for the BB/Kiwi to "go dark" if it can't connect to the web?
  • If the "back-and-forth" LED pattern is going continuously for 4 or 5 minutes, then all the LEDs come on for a while, and then the Kiwi/Beagle powers down, that means you have the recovery micro-SD card installed. It is re-flashing the on-board filesystem over and over again.

    To recover from this situation: Wait for this process to completely finish (Kiwi powers down), remove the sd card, then power up again. Should run okay after that.
  • OK, that was certainly the case, thank you JKS. Now going thru the software load to complete, then Ill go back thru the network connect process.
  • ...and numpty!
  • OK... all OK now. New board-new external IP address, some port re mapping in my home server and is working again.

    Thank you for the help!
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